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TaRarra M. Hill

Senior Marketing Director

As Senior Marketing Director, TaRarra M. Hill brings Marketing and Communications expertise to our team.

Enchanted by the world of the ARTS, TaRarra was raised on the Jersey Shore in a family of thespians. Her mother nurtured her passion for creating from a young age which ultimately pushed her to be a free-spirited, engaged community member. Her parents encouraged her to think outside of the box and instilled in her the importance of making a lasting impact on the world.

With 15+ years of successful experience in the AEC industry, TaRarra is passionate about being at the vanguard of community development, as it allows her to make positive contributions to the next generation and the world.

She is happily married with three wonderful children whom she loves dearly. Despite her hectic schedule, TaRarra still makes time to volunteer in her community and create.

TaRarra attended Stockton University in New Jersey to sharpen her creative talents, majoring in Graphic Design and Visual Communications. Subsequently, she earned a Master of Business Administration in Marketing. She currently serves as a Senior Marketing Professional in Atlanta, GA.

TaRarra M. Hill
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