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As a local expert you know there is something better that can be done but sometimes you’re not quite sure what it is.


Or better put, who can help reimagine what’s happening for the better. NEOO can help elevate your perspective through any combination of studies, analyses, and plans. But more importantly what you need is a clear shared vision for what’s next and if you have the support, politically, technically and from a financial market-perspective to be innovative. In order for you to feel comfortable, you want to ensure that diverse stakeholders have been engaged, and that the local assets you know exist show up in a culturally component way.


NEOO has developed a simple process by which you are able to aggregate data and the lived experiences of stakeholders into something you can actually use. For you, a 200-page document of pretty pictures, precedents, and case studies will not cut it. You need something nimble, thorough, and action-oriented for implementers in your community to take to the next level. After working with NEOO you will feel enlightened by the hidden layers of data and inspired to dream about what is possible with a laser focus on execution.

What we offer:

  • Cultural Corridors Study

  • Master Planning

  • Cultural Asset Mapping

  • S.W.O.T. Analysis

  • Place Making

  • Visioning Study

  • Expansion Plan

  • Event Management

  • Community Engagement

  • Business Outreach

  • Stakeholder Participation

  • Space Planning


Historically, Community Engagement and Business Outreach (“CEBO”) has been done to check a statutory box around public involvement. The broken CEBO strategy is often heavy on process and light on relationship and capacity building. NEOO Partners believes there is an opportunity to move the entire field of CEBO into a bolder new paradigm rooted in truth, empathy, and transparency.


The NEOO Way to CEBO is a process which prioritizes the building of relationships, establishing clear roles and responsibilities for all participants, and providing avenues for a diversity of voices to be lifted up and counted. Utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies you will be able to highlight the lived experience of stakeholders to lead a project, topic, or visioning session with authenticity which you know lends itself to better decision-making in policy and the built environment.


Past experience working in government, community organizing, and real estate development will give you the tools, language and understanding you need to connect a broad variety of stakeholders and build bridges. The NEOO team’s work and life experiences in diverse Twin Cities communities inform our Raise the (“BAR”) Balance, Awareness, Relationship engagement model that fosters accountability and lasting relationships built on shared awareness of the aspirations, needs, and resources of all parties. You will feel equipped to have tough conversations and prepared to fight for win-win propositions that will neither gentrify nor displace.

Discover the NEOO Way - Contact for a consultation.

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