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Our Approach

We Think Differently

We recognize the value of interconnected relationships and acknowledge the historical impact real estate development has had upon marginalized communities of color.


We use this knowledge to inform, guide, uplift and connect public and private sector leaders, stakeholders and businesses to challenge the status quo built environment process.


We Bring Ideas to Fruition

Implementation, and more implementation. NEOO is focused on bringing ideas to life, not perfecting plans to sit on the shelf. Approaching ideas with action in mind, our team has a framework to strategically start with the end in mind.

We Support Transparency

We intentionally make space for people and communities to collaborate to accelerate economic development, from project conception through project completion.

We Uplift Shared Visions

We bridge gaps between project leaders, stakeholders and diverse community voices throughout all decision-making processes to achieve a shared vision and common goal that maximizes social, economic and
environmental impacts. 

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