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Summer Nelson

Engagement Coordinator

As the Community Engagement Coordinator, Summer is responsible for maintaining the Real Estate teams Project Community Engagement Strategies and Communications Plans across multiple high-level projects. This includes, but not limited to actively managing logistics for projects and community meetings. Summer has a background in public and private sector legal services and computing administration logistics for executive teams, Minnesota legislative, board members, community partners, and state consumers.

Summer is a native of Saint Paul and has sought opportunities to help support her mission to actively engage in community development with the many skills she possesses in public health initiatives, public policy comprehension, and strategic engagement, within and across, different communities. In practice, Summer is a dedicated community liaison professionally and personally. 

Summer graduated from the University of Minnesota in Spring 2020 with a bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science and a minor in Public Health. Summer extended her higher education at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and completed her Master’s of Art focusing in Public Administration in Spring 2022.  

Summer Nelson
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