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D'Angelos Svenkeson

Co-Founder and CEO

As the CEO of NEOO Partners, D'Angelos provides the executive level guidance of NEOO’s vision through strategic partnership, market expansion, and client services. He is the strategic voice of the enterprise ensuring that the workplace culture creates positive benefits for clients and the team. In his work, D’Angelos is responsible for delivering executive-level commitment across the organization bevy of projects by leveraging over 15 years of industry experience in real estate development, finance, long-range planning, and client advisory services. 


He draws on nearly $500M of project leadership experience to shepherd a team of over 20 professionals with deep knowledge on human-centered approaches to resilient community development. D’Angelos relishes complex real estate and economic development opportunities where clients are balancing their “ESG '' values with their core business needs. Affectionately known at NEOO as the Chief Risk Taker, D’Angelos has been able to grow the scrappy two-person operation into a market leader as a value-based alternative to traditional service providers.


D’Angelos has a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Jackson State University, and a Planning and Community Development Bachelor's degree from St. Cloud State University.

D'Angelos Svenkeson
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