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Tyler Jackson


The 2022-2023 Artist in Residence, Tyler, is a creative storyteller with a passion for continuing to push the artistic voice of the next generation to be heard through murals, creative placemaking events and philanthropy. His interest in how we read and consume icons of pop culture and politics, combined with growing up on the southside of Chicago, inspired his style which is a mix of high- and low-brow art and iconography. He strives to create works that are accessible to people of varying backgrounds and ages. Tyler’s murals can be seen in the Twin Cities, westside Chicago and even in Wuppertal, Germany. 


He was the 2019 Made at MCAD Winner and a participant in the 2023 Lynlake Art series.


Tyler has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine art and Graphic Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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