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Delta Health System South Campus

Feasibility and Economic Impact Study

Greenville, MS

Delta Health System(DHS), a regional hospital located  in Greenville, MS experienced significant demand to provide quality healthcare within the Mississippi Delta Region. The region is characterized by high levels of chronic diseases, poverty and mortality rates. Lack of access to healthcare forced many residents to seek quality care outside of the region.

DHS selected NEOO Partners to perform an economic impact and feasibility study to determine the economic impact of developing a healthcare campus on the Region and the State GDP. Additionally, NEOO determined the feasibility of a 50 acre mixed-use development with the proposed hospital as the anchor tenant. The proposed development included the hospital and non-hospital uses such as retail, restaurants and park space, creating a healthcare district in the Mississippi Delta.

NEOO Partners along with its project partner; Ecotone Analytics, proposed a process to establish objective data indicators which would be analyzed to determine the economic impact, retail gap analysis, and feasibility study. NEOO also solicited stakeholder input from elected city officials, the economic development organization, and hospital administrators and staff.   

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