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City of Brooklyn Center

81-Acre Downtown Redevelopment Plan

Brooklyn Center, MN

$300M+ Total in Private Development, 750+ Units of Housing, and a 30,000 SF Entrepreneurship Incubator and Market Plaza

NEOO Partners is serving as the City of Brooklyn Center’s Owner’s Representative in the development of the 15-acre Pilot Site. Additionally, NEOO is acting as the Engagement Manager to ensure diverse voices in one of MN’s most diverse cities are present, active, and vocal at the development table. As part of the Owner’s Rep work, NEOO is shepherding the Public-Private Partnership between the City of Brooklyn Center and the development team consisting of Alatus, People for Pride in Living, and Resurrecting Faith World Ministries. 


In addition to the master plan work, NEOO led the feasibility and market analysis for the entrepreneurship market and plaza that is planned on the site. The space is approximately 20,000 SF, specifically geared towards Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and immigrant businesses as a solution to aid the development of small businesses in Brooklyn Center.

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