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Mayor Larson and Duluth Library Foundation announce new partnership

By Amanda Eke WDIO

In a news conference Wednesday, February 22nd, Mayor Emily Larson announced a partnership with the Duluth Library Foundation on a process for a community- informed predesign for conversion of the Downtown Library to a multi-purpose, regional community service center.

“When you look at spaces where there is public trust, it is often in a library where people know they can show up, they can exist. You don’t need a membership card, you don’t need an address, and you don’t need to be an expert. You can just be,” said Larson.

Three resolutions will appear on the Duluth City Council agenda tomorrow, Thursday February 23rd, outlining this partnership.

1) A Memorandum of Understanding with the Duluth Library Foundation to fund half of the community engagement and pre-design processes.

2) A contract with NEOO Partners for community engagement.

3) A contract with MSR and the Duluth office of LHB for architectural design services related to the pre-design.

“One of the shared visions we have is more community meeting space. You know, we constantly are hearing from groups that are looking for somewhere to meet and we don’t really have great meeting rooms to offer,” says Elena Foshay, Director of Workforce Development.

The city is proposing to match Duluth Library Foundations $150,000 via the ARPA funds of the American Rescue Plan Act.

Duluth City Council will review the three resolutions Thursday February 23rd, at their session.


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