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Behind the Dream: A People First Perspective

Words by Carmen Iman, video by Youth Lens 360

Georgia and Cerresso Fort are staples of St. Paul’s East Side Community; a power couple who are considered trailblazers in their respective fields. Georgia is an Emmy-Nominated journalist and story-teller with a long-standing career in front of, and behind the camera. Ceresso, a champion in his own right, is a former professional boxer and a life-long mentor. Along with their other accolades, the Fort name holds weight in the community for their dedication to seeing the youth win. No matter how far they rise, they always reach back to lift up members of the community.

As professional boxing is now a distant memory, Cerresso has channeled his passion for the sport into SIR Boxing Gym. The gym is a way for Cerresso to reinvest in the Saint Paul community that raised him. As a lifelong eastsider, Georgia and Ceresso were able to build the boxing gym in their community and create wealth for their family by working with NEOO.


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