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Case Study: McKnight Foundation 

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McKnight GroundBreak Coalition

Project Description Narrative: GroundBreak Coalition is a group of over 60 corporate, civic, and philanthropic leaders in the financial sector committed to building a platform to mobilize and aggregate $2B+ capital to achieve racial equity and climate readiness. The Coalition provides pathways for corporate, non-profit, government, private, and philanthropic financial institutions to equitably and efficiently invest in Minneapolis-Saint Paul – making good on the commitments to racial equity and carbon neutrality that so many have made in recent years. The Coalition targets four areas to increase Black representation and wealth: commercial development, homeownership, rental housing, and entrepreneurship.


NEOO is convening and leading over 25 leaders in the financial sector in the commercial development working group to identify core capital barriers for Black commercial developers to create climate-ready, community-lead, commercial real estate developments. The coalition uses human-centered design solutions to systematically rectify those barriers and ultimately transform how the financial sector serves Black developers.

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